Before we get into the top 10 Video Salesletters (VSLs) on YouTube for the last October...

2 quick updates about running VSLs / Long Form video ads on YouTube:

#1 - Traffic Cost

YES, traffic is more expensive for long-form videos. Google still charges you more per impression than for shorter ads.

(It makes sense. It's an opportunity cost for Google: Think of how many ads YouTube could have showed you during that 45 minutes you were watching that single Dr. Gundry ad. Read this update we released one year ago with more details from Google)

And with that said, ...

#2 - Conversion Rates 

YES, conversion rates for a good VSL are still through the roof. 

Which means...

* that more expensive VSL traffic is 100% worth it
* & you can still scale long form video / VSLs to $10k/day+ on YouTube

So if you have a high-converting Video Sales Letter on email, native ads, or another traffic source?

Get a YouTube-friendly VSL version up and testing ASAP.

Need some inspiration?

Let's take a look at the top 10 Long-Form / Video Sales Letter offers we're tracking right now inside VidTao:

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#11 (Bonus) - No Grid Survival Projects
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 691,974
Estimated Adspend: $69k+ (past 30 days)

NOTE: Just missing the Top 10 cut at #11, we have this "Prepper" market physical product (it's a $37 book). Adding it here because it isn't in the personal development, bizopp or health/supplement spaces like the rest of the offers on our Top 10 list.

#10 - MindValley: Reprogram Your Mind & Be Free of Stress
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 694,880
Estimated Adspend: $69k+ (past 30 days)

#9 - Badlands Ranch: Which human foods are dog friendly?
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 696,315
Estimated Adspend: $69k+ (past 30 days)

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#8 - ΒΏCΓ³mo estΓ‘s? Suerte uno: Tur vlad
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 811,404
Estimated Adspend: $81k+ (past 30 days)

NOTE: this is a Spanish version of our #6 top VSL from this past 30 days.

#7 - Gundry MD: BUTTER IN COFFEE?!
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 885,682
Estimated Adspend: $88k+ (past 30 days)

NOTE: Our first of 3 Gundry MD related VSLs on this leaderboard! They're doing something right, pay attention here...

#6 - Easy Money System:
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 964,604
Estimated Adspend: $95k+ (past 30 days)

NOTE: See how this offer is currently running in EN, ES and RU language markets. If you've cracked an offer in one market, don't hesitate to add a new language voiceover and test it another.

#5 - Visionary Profit: Start Profiting in any Market
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 1,261,073
Estimated Adspend: $125k+ (past 30 days)

NOTE: Hybrid infomercial / podcast VSL

#4 - Gundry MD Pro Plant: AC notequalshoppingvsl v01 mobile
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 1,530,099
Estimated Adspend: $150k+ (past 30 days)

NOTE: Another Gundry MD VSL in the top 10!

#3 - Gundry MD: When You Eat Avocados Every Day, This is What Happens
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 1,724,031
Estimated Adspend: $170k+ (past 30 days)

NOTE: And here is our THIRD Gundry MD VSL in the top 10!

#2 - Nucific: NU hotdogbreakfast21vsl v01 mobile up
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 1,740,884
Estimated Adspend: $175k+ (past 30 days)

WINNER! #1 - MindValley: Learn To Attract Things You Want In Life
Last 30 Day Paid Views: 2,815,273
Estimated Adspend: $250k+ (past 30 days)

NOTE: VidTao Live Speaker & VSL Dynamo Peter Kell closes out this round of the VidTao YouTube VSL Leaderboard in the #10 AND #1 spots, with this MindValley VSL.

Congrats Peter & MindValley!

(Follow Peter on Instagram here)

What are your questions about scaling VSLs & long-form video on YouTube & other traffic platforms?

We're going to be hosting several long-form creative geniuses on the podcast in the coming days, so if you have questions hit comment bellow this blog post and we'll make sure to cover your questions on the podcast.

What are your YouTube ad questions?

In the meantime though, what questions do YOU have about YouTube ads?

Let us know in the Comments section below, and we’ll make sure to cover your question in an upcoming post.

 Have a nice day!

 The VidTao Team

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