Your YouTube ad creative is the single biggest factor when it comes to succeeding with YouTube ads.

And the quickest, easiest, (and most dependable) way to make a winning creative on YouTube is this: 

Model your YouTube ads based on the ads your competitors are running (and making money with) right now.

In this short post, I'm going to show you how to use the free YouTube Ads competitive research tool we created so you can:

  • "Swipe" any YouTube ad you see Track & performance on it over time
  • Search our database of thousands of YouTube ads for other ads that are working right now in your market.

...So you can confidently create YouTube ads for your business based on what's actually working right now (instead of just guessing).

Ready? Let's dive in...


Step 1: Download the Free VidTao YouTube Ad Research Software

First, go ahead and download your free VidTao YouTube ad spy software / ad library here. 

Step 2: Install the Free SwipeTube Chrome Plugin

Next, you'll follow the instructions (check your email after signing up for the free tool above) and go ahead and install the SwipeTube Chrome plugin so you can log (with one click) any YouTube ad you see while browsing YouTube.

Step 3: "Swipe" Your Competitors' YouTube Ads 

Now you're ready to start "spying" on your competitors' YouTube Ads!

Simply browse YouTube normally, and whenever you see an ad you like, simply click the VidTao SwipeTube plugin icon in your Chrome browser and you'll add that YouTube ad to your VidTao YouTube ad "Swipe File", so you can track that ad's performance over time. Here's a quick gif showing how it works:

vidtao youtube ad competitive research spy tool browse with chrome plugin v2

Step 4: Discover More Competitor YouTube Ads: Browse the VidTao YouTube Ad Library

One of the most powerful features inside the free VidTao YouTube ad library & spy software / ad library is our constantly updated library of thousands of YouTube ads.

You can browse the thousands of unlisted YouTube ads, see ad performance, and use this data to model your own high-performing YouTube ads.

Check it out:

youtube ad competitive analysis spy tool vidtao-dashboard-search-walkthru-for-gif

You'll discover new ads inside the free VidTao YouTube ad library, like this one from Yves Saint Laurent, which has spent over $61k (estimated) just 20 days after launching:


Video: The Full Walk-Through:

Here's a quick video tutorial walking you through each of the above steps in more detail:

Download Free Full Access to VidTao Software

Ready to discover your competitors' best YouTube ads? Go ahead and download your full, free access to VidTao YouTube ad research library & "swipe" tool here.

Got questions? Go ahead and leave a comment below!

The VidTao Team

  • It would be cool if we were able to search for what platform they were using, if you were selling products from Clickbank, Maxweb, Shopify etc.

    it know that would have been a paid software apparently, but i would not mind that, as long as it works better than PowerAdSpy, which do not really work.